Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

A law journal devoted to original scholarship on the interaction between gender and law. Contributors are noted scholars in feminist jurisprudence, including judges, law professors, and law students. The editorial stance embraces an expansive view of femi

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 2, Summer

Gary Becker, Legal Feminism, and the Costs of Moralizing Care
Feminist theorists in a variety of fields have contributed unrelenting energy and invaluable insights to academic and policy-making work on the issue of women's unpaid work as homemakers. (1) Indeed, feminists have been struggling with the problem...
Legal Pluralism and Women's Rights: A Study in Postcolonial Tanzania
Shindano is a sixty-year-old woman who lives on the island of Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. (1) She has been residing in the small village of Mkokotoni, where she has had to survive without support from her husband Abu for the last...
Love, Honor, or Control: Domestic Violence, Trafficking, and the Question of How to Regulate the Mail-Order Bride Industry
Total cost for services: $10,500.00 U.S. A beautiful woman to sleep with at night, kiss in the morning, and love all day long, for so little--less than an economy car. (1) In recent years, with the development and widespread use of the Internet,...
The Daddy Double-Bind: How the Family and Medical Leave Act Perpetuates Sex Inequality across All Class Levels
For over a decade there has been a great deal of discussion in America about work-family conflict or work-life balance. These discussions have typically focused on the plight of women, mothers in particular, and the inhospitable labor market. (1) Advocates...
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