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A law journal devoted to original scholarship on the interaction between gender and law. Contributors are noted scholars in feminist jurisprudence, including judges, law professors, and law students. The editorial stance embraces an expansive view of femi

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 1, Spring

Anonymously Provided Sperm and the Constitution
INTRODUCTION Obtaining sperm to use in Assisted Reproductive Technology ("ART") is relatively simple. (1) Hospitals, clinics, and sperm banks throughout the United States are in the business of selling sperm from literally thousands of men. (2)...
Between Tort Law, Contract Law, and Child Law: How to Compensate the Left-Behind Parent in International Child Abduction Cases
III. The Contract Action Model (The Contract Model) A. Presenting the Model Where there is an agreement between the parties concerning the custody of the child and visitation arrangements, there may well be a breach of that agreement, which gives...
Pregnant in Foster Care: Prenatal Care, Abortion, and the Consequences for Foster Families
INTRODUCTION Girls in foster care get pregnant. A lot. (1) For example, in 2005 the New York City Office of the Public Advocate estimated that as many as "[o]ne in six young women in foster care in New York City are pregnant or are already mothers...."...
Religion by Any Other Name? Prohibitions on Same-Sex Marriage and the Limits of the Establishment Clause
Even the most casual observer of the debate in the United States whether to legalize same-sex marriage would be hard-pressed to ignore the significance of religion to that debate. Most obviously, a number of religious groups officially oppose or support...
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