Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

A law journal devoted to original scholarship on the interaction between gender and law. Contributors are noted scholars in feminist jurisprudence, including judges, law professors, and law students. The editorial stance embraces an expansive view of femi

Articles from Vol. 23, No. 2, Summer

Affirmative Sexual Consent in Canadian Law, Jurisprudence, and Legal Theory
Abstract This article examines the development of affirmative sexual consent in Canadian jurisprudence and legal theory and its adoption in Canadian law. Affirmative sexual consent requirements were explicitly proposed in Canadian legal literature...
A Room for "Adam and Steve" at Mrs. Murphy's Bed and Breakfast: Avoiding the Sin of Inhospitality in Places of Public Accommodation
III. A Growing Number of States Are Stepping in to Fill the Gap Left by the Failure to Include Sexual Orientation as a Protected Category Under Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation Several years prior to her appointment...
Federalizing Embryo Transfers: Taming the Wild West of Reproductive Medicine?
c. Monitoring Compliance Through Data Collection Once mandatory reporting requirements for embryo transfer are in place, how would the designated enforcer assure compliance with the statutory scheme? What strategies could be put in place to ensure...
Honor as Property
Abstract This Article is the first to use a property lens to explore the social construction of honor within legal systems around the world. The Article makes the claim that the law in many countries has implicitly treated honor as a form of property...
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