Canadian Journal of Sociology

The Canadian Journal of Sociology is a quarterly journal published by the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alb., Can. Its subject is sociology and its audience are scholars, academics, students and others working in that field.

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 2, Spring

Al-Qaeda's Strategic Gamble: The Sociology of Suicide Bombings in Iraq
INTRODUCTION Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime following the 2003 Anglo-American invasion, Iraq has become a theatre of a asymmetric warfare conducted by a multifaceted Sunni insurgency (Baram 2005; Chehad 2005; Hashim 2006; Kohlmann...
Books received/Livres Recus
Abeles, Marc, The Politics of Survival. Translated by Julie Kleinman. Durham: Duke University Press, 2010, 248 pp. $US 22.95 paper (978-0-82234607-4), $US 79.95 hardcover (978-0-8223-4589-3) Adams, Laura L., The Spectacular State: Culture and National...
The Sociology of Agriculture in Transition: The Political Economy of Agriculture after Biotechnology
INTRODUCTION In 2007, a global food crisis made media headlines and brought the topic of agriculture back into the public eye. Hunger, starvation, and volatile civil unrest in numerous countries occurred in the context of record breaking profits...
Tracking Environmental Crime through CEPA: Canada's Environment Cops or Industry's Best Friend?
This century has brought an increasing awareness of global environmental destruction and its implications for the survival of all life on Earth. While nation-states in general have been slow at responding to these threats, most have now passed laws...
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