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The Canadian Journal of Sociology is a quarterly journal published by the Department of Sociology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alb., Can. Its subject is sociology and its audience are scholars, academics, students and others working in that field.

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 4, Fall

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Ackerly, Brooke and Jacqui True, Doing Feminist Research in Political qand Social Science. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010, 272 pp. $US 28.00 paper (978-0-230-50777-7), $US 85.00 hardcover (978-0-230-50776-0) Andres, Lesley and Johanna Wyn, The...
"Hunger Hurts but Starving Works": A Case Study of Gendered Practices in the Online Pro-Eating-Disorder Community
Anorexia is not only about food. It becomes a mechanism to cope with serious, emotional problems. My wounds will never heal. I have not been able to recover. Anorexia kills, but as controversial as it may be, it keeps me alive. (Anna on Pro-ana [DOT]...
Money and Membership: Effects of Neighbourhood Poverty, Income Inequality and Individual Income on Voluntary Association Membership in Canada
Introduction Voluntary association membership has been a focus of sociological research for many decades. Joining organizations and clubs on a voluntary basis is free or low cost and affords multiple benefits. Much of the research has focused on...
Relational Activism: Reimagining Women's Environmental Work as Cultural Change
Introduction From "hysterical housewives" labels (Seager 1996) to "Love Your Mother" bumper stickers (Roach 1991), gender is inescapable in the discussion of environmental activism in the Western world. Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and images of...
Response to the HPV Vaccination Campaign: A Project of Moral Regulation in an Era of Biopolitics
Connell and Hunt's critique (2010) raises important questions and concerns about human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in Canada; we offer a public health perspective on several key issues. First, the authors question the merit of subsidized, population-based...
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