Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics

A scholarly journal publishing original research on issues that affect mathematics learning. Content is interdisciplinary and drawn from such fields as mathematics, special education, psychology, and neurology. Coverage includes current research, methods

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 3, Summer

Guided Notes: An Interactive Method for Success in Secondary and College Mathematics Classrooms
Abstract This paper reports the results of an action research project that examined the use of interactive guided notes in two sections of freshman level college algebra. This method unifies lecture, in-class guided practice, and cooperative learning...
Preservice Elementary Teachers' Visual Images of Themselves as Mathematics Teachers
Abstract This study investigated preservice elementary teachers' pictorial representations of how they envision their future classroom and describe their own actions as well as those of their students. Drawings were analyzed for the preservice teachers'...
Solving Problems on Functions: Role of the Graphing Calculator
Abstract To study the roles that the graphing calculator plays in solving problems about functions, a small quasi-experimental study was conducted with four pairs of undergraduate students solving problems with and without the graphing calculator....
The Construction of a Classification Schema as a Foundation for Mathematical Understanding in Young Deaf Children
Abstract While it is known that the mathematics achievement levels of deaf children are substantially below that of their hearing peers, it is not known when or in what capacity these delays begin. It is possible that differences in achievement...
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