Articles from Vol. 11, No. 1, Winter

An Interview with Richard Stites
"You dirty rat! You dirty rat!" The grinning man doing the James Cagney impersonation is none other than distinguished Georgetown University Professor Richard Stites, legendary in the field for his good humor and joie de vivre. In this issue, Kritika...
Circulatory Localities: The Example of Stalinism in the 1930s
If October 1917 marked the victory of a particular form of Marxism in circulation, developed in Western Europe and adapted for Russia by leaders in exile, the 1930s have been considered a period of inward retreat in comparison to the ferment of borrowing...
Franco Venturi's Russia
Ia pamiatnik sebe vozdvig nerukotvornyi.--Aleksandr Pushkin, "Pamiamik," 1836 (1) There are many remarkable features in Franco Venturi's historical work on Russia and in his attitude toward its people. Only a few of them will be touched upon in...
"Real Men Go to the Bania": Postwar Soviet Masculinities and the Bathhouse
In earlier times real men went to riding school to prance on gelded horses, headed off to the firing range to shoot at the ace of diamonds, to fencing halls to fight with swords, to the English Club to do battle at the card table, or, in extreme cases,...
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