Articles from Vol. 8, No. 1, Winter

An Interview with Leopold Haimson
As readers may recall, Kritika has initiated an interview series, run in our "From the Editors" column, with leading figures in the Russian field, asking them to describe the state of the field from the perspective of their own life trajectories. In...
Heroes and Merchants: Stalin's Understanding of National Character
In his Handler und Helden (1915), the German economist and sociologist Werner Sombart interpreted the Great War as an existential battle not just between nations but between cultures and worldviews. According to Sombart, West European civilization...
Historicism and the Dialogue
People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?--Rodney King Let me begin with one of Richard Taruskin's wonderful aphorisms, which I never tire of repeating: "Verdi and Wagner are heroic individuals. Russians are a group." (1) He aimed...
Racial Categories and the Politics of (Jewish) Difference in Late Imperial Russia
The past two decades have produced a virtual explosion in academic interest in racial theory and the history of race and racism. Historians, literary critics, and moral philosophers have published a staggering number of books, articles, and journals...
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