Florida Journal of Educational Administration and Policy

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 2, Spring

Beliefs and Instructional Practices among Secondary Teachers within Selected High- and Low- Performing High Schools
How teachers think about and practice teaching has a profound effect on learning among students (Applebee, Langer, Nystrand, & Gamoran, 2003; Fisher, 2001; Greenleaf, Schoenbach, Cziko, & Mueller, 2001). Researchers have noted that the practice...
Editor's Column
In this issue, the authors describe timely issues for a nation that is gripped by the beliefs that standards can uniformly guide instruction and accountability measures are indicators of students' progress. In the first article, Ian Clark explores...
Formative Assessment: Policy, Perspectives and Practice
A Global Evolution Despite being hailed as a 'quiet revolution' (Hutchinson & Hayward, 2005) it is perhaps more accurate to see the growth of the global awareness regarding formative assessment (FA) as evolutionary in nature. Before the term...
The Moral Imperative Realized
The Moral Imperative Realized Fullan, M. (2011). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press As a sequel to The Moral Imperative of School Leadership published in 2003, The Moral Imperative Realized by Michael Fullan (2011) addresses others' mischaracterization...
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