Applied Semiotics/Semiotique appliqué

Articles from No. 22, February

Literary Conventions and the Human Body: The Use of Bodily Expressions for States of Mind
A. Correlation bodily expression and state of mind 1. Evidence Variations in the mood of speakers habitually co-occur with variations in their facial expressions or bodily movements. This kind of correspondence has been observed and commented...
Semiotics of Literary Titling: Three Categories of Reference
Introduction: Between naming and titling Any case of naming and titling involves a purpose of identification. [1] This purpose is essentially technical, and is based on needs and considerations outside the named and titled object. The function of...
Social and Ideological Stereotypes in Children's Toy Advertisements in Greek Television
Introduction The study of toys as material objects and also of children's advertisements as toys' visual material, leads to a spiral scheme, where the channel (advertisement) and the message (toy) cross, forming signs as "forming mediums", as "carriers...
The Interpretation of Gender Roles in English Reading Texts by Arab University Students
1. Introduction Human beings have created a world of signs and continue to create new ones to express the anthropomorphic meanings of their lives. These take the form of messages which are normally coded in different means of communication, one...
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