Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations

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Comparing and Prioritizing the Factors Affecting Purchase Decisions in Innovation Adoption in a Post-Secondary Educational Setting
Introduction The innovation adoption process is among the most studied topics in IT research (Hirschheim, 2007; Travica, 2008; Venkatesh, Davis, & Morris, 2007; Williams, Dwivedi, Lal, & Schwarz, 2009; Wolfe, 1994). "It is a process through...
Internal Intellectual Assets: A Management Interpretation
Introduction Information and knowledge management is an evolving discipline and is increasingly growing in importance for organizations. Organizational knowledge is a key factor in management practices (Garcia-Parra, Simo, Sallan, & Mundet 2009)....
Involvement in Small Community Based Organisations' Websites
Introduction Community Based Organisation (CBO) is the loose title for a category of organisations that service a wide range of the community, such as a school, a sporting body, a community centre, or a charity (Burgess & Bingley, 2008). CBOs...
The Emergence of Electronic Word-of-Mouth as a Marketing Channel for the Digital Marketplace
Introduction The emerging digital marketplace, with the Internet as a key facilitator, is an amorphous web of connections among producers and consumers (Berman, Abraham, Battino, Shipnuck, & Neus, 2007). The Internet has also presented a synergistic...
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