International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health

Founded in 1975, International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, formerly International Family Planning Perspectives, is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Guttmacher Institute. Articles include information about sexual and reproductive health in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia.

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 4, December

Belief in Family Planning Myths at the Individual and Community Levels and Modern Contraceptive Use in Urban Africa
Unmet need for family planning--defined as the proportion of women in union who are sexually active and fecund, and want to delay childbearing for at least two years or cease childbearing altogether, but are not using any method of contraception (1,2)--is...
How Reliable Are Reports of Early Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health Events in Demographic and Health Surveys?
The health and well-being of female adolescents is considered crucial to the continued development of low-income countries. (1) Among the most widely used indicators of health and well-being for female adolescents are age at sexual debut (also described...
The Incidence of Abortion in Nigeria
Induced abortion is illegal in Nigeria except when performed to save a woman's life. Both the penal code, which is generally applied in the country's northern states, and the criminal code, which generally applies in the southern states, allow this...
Understanding the Broader Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of Female Sex Workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Female sex workers have a broad range of sexual and reproductive health needs, which mounting evidence indicates are not being met. (1-4) Stigma and discrimination, as well as policy and access challenges, discourage female sex workers from using traditional...
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