The Washington Times (Washington, DC)

The Washington Times is a conservative newspaper published Monday through Friday by the Washington Times LLC. Its editorial headquarters is in Washington, D.C. and it's been published since 1982. The owner of the Washington Times is the Unification Church.The Washington Times covers local, national and world news, with an emphasis on politics. The paper is known for its conservative slant, since it was founded as a response to the more liberal Washington Post. Readership is nationwide.The fact that Reverend Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Churchfounded The Washington Times has made the paper controversial from its very beginning. The question remains as to how much Sun Myung Moon or his aides influence the editorial content of the paper. In 2003, five staff members resigned when their editorials criticizing South Korea for its political repression were stifled. However, not all readers are critical of the way the Washington Times handles news; it is reported that President Ronald Reagan read the paper every day while in office. Sam Dealey is the executive editor, The Washington Times LLC is named as publisher and Chris Dolan is managing editor.

Publication dates from April 2011