Michigan Journal of Counseling

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 1, Spring-Summer

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Volume 41, Issue 1 of the Michigan Journal of Counseling: Research, Theory & Practice contains research and topics from counselors and counselor educators across the United States (Texas, Kentucky, and Michigan). In this issue, the authors write...
Outlining a Crisis Management Plan for a Community: Crisis Planning in Michigan
Crisis management requires a crisis management plan, which is developed by a crisis management team, and which trained professionals implement in their respective areas of crisis response (Crandall, Parnell, & Spillman, 2010; James & Gilliland,...
School Counselors' Activities in Predominantly African American Urban Schools: An Exploratory Study
Increasing criticism of public education in United States cities and metropolitan areas has prompted members of educational specialties (e.g., teacher education, school administration, school counselor education) to lead urban school reform initiatives...
The Relationship between Racial Identity and Acculturative Stress among African American Students in Counselor Training Programs
Given the consistently increasing number of diverse racial/ethnic individuals within the United States population, counselor trainees are more and more likely to be faced with individuals in need of their expertise (Sue & Sue, 2008; Richeson &...
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