Supervisory Management

Articles from Vol. 39, No. 3, March

Are Your Organization and Business Strategies at Odds?
Why do most companies fall short of their potential? High-performing organizations succeed because they have well-reasoned, well-articulated strategies, and have developed systems of work--including structure, processes, and management systems and practices-that...
Hazardous Materials in the Workplace
All organizations are faced with the responsibility of dealing with hazardous materials. But dealing with these materials is not the only problem organizations face. They also face the problem of defining and understanding what is meant by hazardous...
How to Avoid Temporary Headaches
Today, hiring temporary workers opens up as huge a spectrum of legal problems as does employing full-time staff. For instance, can you be sued for complaining to the agency about a temp's performance, or for asking that he or she be taken off your job?...
How to Be a Horse Trader - Not a Pushover
You will sometimes find yourself trading off personnel for equipment or vying with other departments for funding. This type of negotiating will often involve a lot of horse trading, a lot of "I'll give you this if you give me that." As a negotiator,...
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