Public Relations Journal

Articles from Vol. 48, No. 5, May

Delayed Action Allows Informed Response
When confronted with a crisis situation, particularly when you're unfamiliar with the problem, common sense should ten you to "do the most obvious things": get smart, put yourself in the other party's shoes, and perhaps do nothing...if action might...
Making Professional Services Grow: Practitioners Help Firms Polish Images, Build New Business
One fertfle new ground for pubfic relations practice involves professional services-firms that provide legal, accounting, architecture and management consulting expertise, to name a few. As such firms place greater emphasis on pubhc relations, practitioners...
Spain Gains World Attention as Public Relations Comes of Age: '92 Events and EC Status Attract New International Partners
'92 Events And EC Status Attract New International Partners International events and celebrations taking place in Spain this year are providing the country with increased visibility as a cornerstone of the southern tier of the expanding European Community....
Working with Environmental Groups
Corporations and activist environmental groups, once seen as implacable foes, are now reaching out more and more to work together as partners in a variety of projects. For the environmental groups, working with corporations offers a ready source...
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