East European Quarterly

A scholarly journal publishes articles in the disciplines of East European history, including its economics, politics, culture and history.

Articles from Vol. 35, No. 3, Fall

Bishop J. J. Strossmayer's Yugoslavism in the Light of the Eastern Crisis of 1875-1878
INTRODUCTION The views and political career of Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer, the well-known nineteenth-century advocate of Yugoslav unity, are a source of much disagreement and heated debate in the historical literature on South Slav nationalisms,...
First Steps: The Rockefeller Foundation in Early Czechoslovakia(1)
According to Rockefeller sources, Czechoslovakia was the first country in Europe where the Rockefeller Foundation (RF) undertook a program. Until then (June, 1919) its fields of activity had been in the West Indies, Central America, Brazil, Egypt,...
Friedrich Nietzsche-A Theoretician of Modern Democracy
The deeper one penetrates into various aspects of Nietzsche's political philosophy, the clearer it becomes that Nietzsche's political philosophy `merits' reconstruction not only in broad historical terms. In other words, if we succeed in understanding...
Image and Self-Image among Hungarian-Americans since the Mid-Nineteenth Century
There were always major differences between the image and self-image of individual people and nations. With few exceptions, all nations nurture a higher self-image about themselves than the one bestowed upon them by others. One of the best recent examples...
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