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Articles from Vol. 40, No. 3, Fall

Albania: How Close Is Italy? Albanian-Italian Relations in the Post-Cold War Environment: Managing Threats or Opportunities?
Italy's relationship with Albania is a recurrent theme of Albanian foreign policy debates. While points of view differ, (1) there is no escaping the fact that Italy is of primary importance to Albania because of cultural links, migratory patterns,...
Europe, Turkey and the Middle East: Is Harmonisation Possible?
The possibility of Turkey joining the European Union has spurred heated debate within the EU, bur it is also captivating the entire Middle East. This interest has been interpreted in Turkey as a clear signal that Ankara has emerged as a powerful regional...
Father Zadravecz and the Failure of Right Radicalism in Hungary, 1919-23
Introduction This essay deals with two larger issues: the source of right radicalism, including fascism in Central Europe after the First World War, and the intricate relations between conservatives and right radicals. I am particularly interested...
"For the Sake of Slavdom" II. M. P. Pogodin and the Moscow Slavic Benevolent Committee: A Collective Portrait of 1870
The Moscow Slavic Benevolent Committee was the first Pan-Slav organization created in Imperial Russia. For twenty years, i.e. from 1858 to its closure in 1878, it was the most important organization that used ostensibly charitable activities for blatantly...
Partisan Politics in World War II Albania: The Struggle for Power, 1939-1944
In Albania, November 29, 1944 is remembered as the day of national liberation. On that day, after five years of intense fighting and internecine political struggles, the National Liberation Movement emerged victorious. Beginning with the Italian invasion...
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