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Vol. 22, No. 2, Fall

Impediments to Faculty Involvement in Grant-Related Activities: A Case Study
Impediments to Faculty Involvement in Grant-Related Activities: A Case Study Abstract Opportunities for funded research serve as a major incentive for scholarly productivity among college and university faculty members. Yet, considering the...
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Grantsmanship Skills: A Survey of Junior Faculty at a Major University
Grantsmanship Skills: A Survey of Junior Faculty at a Major University Abstract Faculty in research-oriented universities need comprehensive faculty development programs that focus on skills training and organizational issues that affect research...
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Certification: An Update on SRA's Progress
Certification: An Update on SRA's Progress Robert Krebs, a longtime SRA member, wrote on the topic of certification of research administrators in 1973 and again in 1975. His papers serve as an interesting preamble and commentary on the certification...
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Should Research Administrators Be Certified? a Federal View
Should Research Administrators Be Certified? A Federal View At the outset, the obvious is worth acknowledging; the membership of the Society of Research Administrators (SRA), by design, spans government, academic, and research industry arenas, all...
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Argument for Research Administrator Certification
Argument for Research Administrator Certification During a recent planning session for SRA's 1992 meeting, I asked a colleague new to research administration for some ideas for workshop topics. I made a few suggestions, such as Budgeting for Proposals...
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Certification: Can We Afford It? (So Much to Do for So Few)
Certification: Can We Afford It? (So Much To Do for So Few) The subject of professional certification for research administrators is a topic of keen interest to individuals seeking status and recognition among peers and associates in the workplace....
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Vol. 22, No. 1, Summer

Opportunities for Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Administrator/researcher Relationship
OPPORTUNITIES FOR MAXIMIZING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ADMINISTRATOR/RESEARCHER RELATIONSHIP Abstract This article explores and analyzes some of the behavioral and environmental factors that influence the relationship between research administrators...
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Ethical Implications of For-Profit Corporate Sponsorship of Research
ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS OF FOR-PROFIT CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP OF RESEARCH Academic institutions and commercial companies both recognize the need for the United States to enhance its economic competitiveness worldwide. Improved trading status is linked, in...
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University-Industry Technology Transfer in Germany: Implications for U.S. Partners
UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER IN GERMANY: IMPLICATIONS FOR U.S. PARTNERS Abstract A survey of university-industry technology transfer practices in the Federal Republic of Germany revealed how many of the organizational, financial,...
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Vol. 21, No. 4, Spring

Toward a Model Policy for Federally Supported Research
TOWARD A MODEL POLICY FOR FEDERALLY SUPPORTED RESEARCH Abstract This study identifies a gap in understanding of basic principles of the government-university relationship and suggests a method for developing a model policy for administering...
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Relationship of Effort to Success in Gaining Federal Funding at a Group of AASCU Institutions
RELATIONSHIP OF EFFORT TO SUCCESS IN GAINING FEDERAL FUNDING AT A GROUP OF AASCU INSTITUTIONS Abstract This study explored relationships between success in receiving federal funding and characteristics of research/sponsored programs offices at...
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A New Model for Federal-State-Industry Cooperation: Technology Transfer Lessons from the New Jersey Experience
A NEW MODEL FOR FEDERAL-STATE-INDUSTRY COOPERATION: TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER LESSONS FROM THE NEW JERSEY EXPERIENCE Abstract New alliances are being formed between industry and universities, enhancing not only research and its products, but the transfer...
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User-Oriented Project Accounting System
USER-ORIENTED PROJECT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Abstract A user-oriented Project Accounting System is necessary for today's project directors and research administrators in universities, nonprofits, and other research organizations. With recent technological...
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Vol. 21, No. 3, Winter

Electronic Communications between NSF & University Research Administration Offices for R & D Data Collection
ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS BETWEEN NSF & UNIVERSITY RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION OFFICES FOR R & D DATA COLLECTION Introduction Nemerous federal agencies are preparing for expanded electronic communications with universities. This article...
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Research Administrators and Development Officers: Orchestrating from Organizational Discord to Harmony
RESEARCH ADMINISTRATORS AND DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS: ORCHESTRATING FROM ORGANIZATIONAL DISCORD TO HARMONY Background There is a potential for conflict between the research administration/sponsored program administration office (grant/contract-seeking...
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University-Industry Teaming Agreements
UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY TEAMING AGREEMENTS Introduction The increased importance of teaming agreements for the university community is largely the result of the Competition in Contracting Act and subsequent related laws. These laws, which were...
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Preparing Your Institution for a Program Project Site Visit
PREPARING YOUR INSTITUTION FOR A PROGRAM PROJECT SITE VISIT Introduction A program project grant (PPG) is the mechanism used by many NIH Institutes to support broadly based, multidisciplinary, long-term research programs. Program project (P01)...
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Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall

Medical Research, Medical Journals and the Public Interest
MEDICAL RESEARCH, MEDICAL JOURNALS AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST The health of medical research is essential to the health of the American people and of the world. Without a broadly based vigorous program of research in basic science and applied clinical...
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Considerations for Managing Large-Scale Clinical Trials
CONSIDERATIONS FOR MANAGING LARGE-SCALE CLINICAL TRIALS Abstract The research administration literature has focused extensively on grantsmanship, research design, contractual arrangements, and academia-industrial liaisons, but has provided only...
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Computerizing an Office for Sponsored Programs at a Small Medical School
COMPUTERIZING AN OFFICE FOR SPONSORED PROGRAMS AT A SMALL MEDICAL SCHOOL Abstract In the course of seven years, the volume of extramural funding at the Medical College of Pennsylvania has grown from $4 million to an amount in excess of $12 million....
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Perceptions and Expectations at New York State's Centers for Advanced Technology: Some Implications for Research Management
PERCEPTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS AT NEW YORK STATE'S CENTERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: SOME IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH MANAGEMENT Abstract In New York, the state government, industry, and several state and private universities have been collaborating...
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Vol. 21, No. 1, Summer

State of the National Research System: Issues for the New Administration
STATE OF THE NATIONAL RESEARCH SYSTEM: ISSUES FOR THE NEW ADMINISTRATION These are challenging times for our country. Because meeting most of those challenges involves the wise use of science and technology, they offer a particular challenge for those...
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Considerations in Licensing Spin-Off Technology
CONSIDERATIONS IN LICENSING SPIN-OFF TECHNOLOGY Increasingly, universities are considering entering into relationships with corporations formed by their employees. New perceptions of the missions of the university and its role in economic development,...
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Evaluating Sponsored Programs at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions
EVALUATING SPONSORED PROGRAMS AT PREDOMINANTLY UNDERGRADUATE INSTITUTIONS Abstract Many institutions consider the level of awarded grant dollars as the measure of success or failure of its sponsored programs. Measuring the level of faculty...
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Increased Research Performance through Reduced Stress and Improved Human Well-Being
INCREASED RESEARCH PERFORMANCE THROUGH REDUCED STRESS AND IMPROVED HUMAN WELL-BEING Abstract Stresses which can affect the well-being of university research managers, faculty, and administrators were identified in a survey of directors of 14...
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Administration of Technical Research in Canada's Federal Department of Transport
ADMINISTRATION OF TECHNICAL RESEARCH IN CANADA'S FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT Abstract The article highlights recent improvements in the administration of technological research within a large government department. Initiatives addressing...
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The View from Both Sides: University-Industry Applied Research Contracts
THE VIEW FROM BOTH SIDES: UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY APPLIED RESEARCH CONTRACTS Abstract The rapid shift from debates over basic versus applied research to actual applied research contracting between industries and universities left a void in information...
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Vol. 20, No. 4, Spring

Challenges to the Integrity of Science: The Federal Mandate and Issues for Institutions
CHALLENGES TO THE INTEGRITY OF SCIENCE: THE FEDERAL MANDATE AND ISSUES FOR INSTITUTIONS Since the publication of Betrayers of the Truth by Broad and Wade, many have given thoughtful consideration to the issues of protecting science against immoral...
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University-Pharmaceutical Industry Cooperation: Creation of a New Administrative Position to Broker the Placement of Clinical Trials
UNIVERSITY--PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY COOPERATION: CREATION OF A NEW ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION TO BROKER THE PLACEMENT OF CLINICAL TRIALS Abstract A two-year pilot program was implemented by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) at the University...
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The R&D Planning-Business Strategy Connection
THE R&D PLANNING--BUSINESS STRATEGY CONNECTION Abstract This article discusses why and how R&D is planned for the long term, and what linkages exist between R&D and business planning. The data for this study were obtained through a series...
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Staff Directed Grants: The Pros and Cons
STAFF DIRECTED GRANTS: THE PROS AND CONS Introduction Research administration offices engage in multiple activities to handle the complexities inherent in their charge to increase extramural grant activity. Workloads are often heavy, consisting of...
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Automated Interactive Storeroom Inventory System
AUTOMATED INTERACTIVE STOREROOM INVENTORY SYSTEM Introduction The School of Chemical Sciences (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) developed an automated Storeroom Inventory System (SIS) four years ago to use barcode technology to efficiently...
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Vol. 19, No. 4, Spring

Observations on the Future of Biotechnology
OBSERVATIONS ON THE FUTURE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY I have been asked to address several topics. I am going to begin by talking a little bit about managing scientists and managing change. I'll intersperse this with my views on trends in the public sector,...
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Advocacy for University Research and Service Units
ADVOCACY FOR UNIVERSITY RESEARCH AND SERVICE UNITS Nonteaching (i.e., research and service) units in universities frequently share the complaint that they are overlooked or treated inconsistently by high-level university administrations. Although universities...
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Observations from Japan: Lessons in Research and Technology Transfer
OBSERVATIONS FROM JAPAN: LESSONS IN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Introduction During a recent tour of Japan, fourteen members of Alfred University's Industry/University Center for Glass Research (IUCGR) visited five glass companies, two...
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The Directed Transition from Internal to External Grantsmanship
THE DIRECTED TRANSITION FROM INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL GRANTSMANSHIP Abstract By combining a system-wide charge to double sponsored research at the University of Missouri by 1990 with a new campus-wide administrative reorganization at the University...
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A System of Cataloging Institutional Research Expertise Using Microcomputer Data Bases
A SYSTEM OF CATALOGING INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH EXPERTISE USING MICROCOMPUTER DATA BASES Abstract A data system created at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHSC/H) contains information on the research activities of 500...
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Cumulative Index, Volumes I-XIX
CUMULATIVE INDEX VOLUMES I - XIX A Dilemma -- Scholarship Vs. Entrepreneurship. Dr. Robert E. Krebs. Volume XV, Number 4, Spring 1984. Abstract Data Processing and Retrieval System, Office of Research Administration, James T. Koppenhaver. Volume...
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