Journal of the Society of Research Administrators

Articles from Vol. 21, No. 2, Fall

Computerizing an Office for Sponsored Programs at a Small Medical School
COMPUTERIZING AN OFFICE FOR SPONSORED PROGRAMS AT A SMALL MEDICAL SCHOOL Abstract In the course of seven years, the volume of extramural funding at the Medical College of Pennsylvania has grown from $4 million to an amount in excess of $12 million....
Considerations for Managing Large-Scale Clinical Trials
CONSIDERATIONS FOR MANAGING LARGE-SCALE CLINICAL TRIALS Abstract The research administration literature has focused extensively on grantsmanship, research design, contractual arrangements, and academia-industrial liaisons, but has provided only...
Medical Research, Medical Journals and the Public Interest
MEDICAL RESEARCH, MEDICAL JOURNALS AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST The health of medical research is essential to the health of the American people and of the world. Without a broadly based vigorous program of research in basic science and applied clinical...
Perceptions and Expectations at New York State's Centers for Advanced Technology: Some Implications for Research Management
PERCEPTIONS AND EXPECTATIONS AT NEW YORK STATE'S CENTERS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: SOME IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH MANAGEMENT Abstract In New York, the state government, industry, and several state and private universities have been collaborating...
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