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Articles from November 25

Exclusive: A Trip to 'Polarized' Venezuela
(Commentary) "Chavez es un figura satanica," Daniel declared, and then he quickly corrected himself. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wasn't simply satanic -- he was the Devil himself, "Demonio." Daniel, Julio Munoz, the Inter American Press Association's...
'Soft' Box Office for Bob Dylan Film: Too Much of Nothing?
Despite surprisingly strong reviews, the Todd Haynes film about, or at least inspired, by Bob Dylan, "I'm Not Here," opened weakly at the box office the past five days. Those who tally box office numbers described it as a "soft" landing, in a limited...
'Wash Post' Multimedia Probes Deadly Legacy of Israeli Cluster Bombs in Lebanon
Accompanying a Washington Post report in print on Sunday, the newspaper at its Web site launched a multimedia offering on the deadly legacy of cluster bombs used by Israel in its bombing of Lebanon last year. The site offers audio reports, graphics,...
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