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2007's Top Newspaper Industry Stories -- the Weird Version
My colleague Joe Strupp last week did his usual able job compiling for this site his annual list of the newspaper industry's top ten stories of the year, each item a worthy contender for recollection. But it seems to me a year that was as unsettling...
Editorial Page Shakeup at 'Sun' Explained
The editorial page editor of The (Baltimore) Sun will report to the newspaper's top news editor rather than directly to the publisher, The Sun has announced. The move comes amid a reduction in editorial page staff at The Sun, Maryland's largest...
'USA Today' Analysis: Half of Military Families Now Feel Iraq War a 'Mistake'
Almost exactly half of close family members of U.S. troops now call the Iraq war a "mistake," USA Today revealed today after analyzing several Gallup polls from recent months. Just over 50% disapprove of President Bush's job performance. "They've...
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