Foreign Policy in Focus

A bimonthly journal focused on U.S. foreign policy Covers a variety of foreign policy issues and topics aimed at government officials, media activists, and academics. Analyzes foreign policy and international affairs, and recommends policy alternatives. C

Articles from Vol. 6, No. 8, March 15

Problems with Current U.S. Policy
Key Problems * U.S. policymakers frequently resort to rhetoric about the importance of human rights rather than implementing meaningful policy measures. * U.S. critics of China's human rights violations often let their ideology undermine a consistent...
Toward a New Foreign Policy
Key Recommendations * The Bush administration should make an early and strong commitment to human rights as a priority in U.S. foreign policy. * Washington should establish a consistent human rights policy that is applied equally to all countries...
U.S. Human Rights Policy toward China
Key Points * For the last several decades, U.S. policy toward the People's Republic of China (PRC) has consistently subordinated human rights concerns to geopolitical or economic interests. * The human rights situation in China has deteriorated...
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