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A bimonthly journal focused on U.S. foreign policy Covers a variety of foreign policy issues and topics aimed at government officials, media activists, and academics. Analyzes foreign policy and international affairs, and recommends policy alternatives. C

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 20, July 30

Problems with Current U.S. Policy
The Clinton administration, even more than its predecessors, has emphasized that free markets and a strong private sector are integral to democracy. Indeed, the Clinton administration was the first to use the term "market democracies." However, this...
Toward a New Foreign Policy
In 1995, President Clinton called democracy promotion "one of the central pillars of the United States' security strategy." But democracy needs to be promoted for its own sake, not simply as an instrument to further U.S. security or economic interests....
U.S. Democratization Assistance
With the end of the cold war, U.S. policymakers sought a number of rationales to justify continued engagement in the world and to promote American interests. Republicans and Democrats alike were attracted to a framework developed by the Reagan administration:...
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