Foreign Policy in Focus

A bimonthly journal focused on U.S. foreign policy Covers a variety of foreign policy issues and topics aimed at government officials, media activists, and academics. Analyzes foreign policy and international affairs, and recommends policy alternatives. C

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 22, August 15

International Investment Rules and the Environment: Stuck in the Mud?
The governance of international capital flows will be one of the key environmental policy issues of the next decade. Along with labor, human rights, and other social advocates, environmentalists are increasingly demanding that international rules and...
Problems with Current U.S. Policy
Current U.S. policy rests squarely on neoliberalism--dismantling national barriers to international trade and investment and creating global commercial disciplines while leaving the social and environmental regulation of markets to nations. U.S....
Toward a New Foreign Policy
The U.S. will play a decisive role in shaping the regulatory architecture for international investment. To shoulder its global role responsibly, Washington must first dearly define its policy goals. In the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment)...
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