Foreign Policy in Focus

A bimonthly journal focused on U.S. foreign policy Covers a variety of foreign policy issues and topics aimed at government officials, media activists, and academics. Analyzes foreign policy and international affairs, and recommends policy alternatives. C

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 36, December 9

Problems with Current U.S. Policy
The U.S. made a formal commitment to sustainable development at the Earth Summit in 1992 when it agreed to Agenda 21 and the Rio Declaration. But despite the hoopla--and despite international agreement that "[h]umanity stands at a defining moment in...
Toward a New Foreign Policy
The U.S. should articulate a positive and compelling vision of what sustainable development would mean for the world's nations and integrate that vision into its domestic and foreign policy, including its trade policy. The United States should exercise...
WTO and Sustainable Development
The World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference in Seattle will be a defining moment for the world's commitment to sustainable development. It will also be a defining moment for U.S. leadership on sustainable development. The WTO is the...
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