Philological Quarterly

This journal covers aspects of medieval European and modern literature and culture. The articles published incorporate physical bibliography, the sociology of knowledge, the history of reading, reception studies and other fields of inquiry.

Articles from Vol. 76, No. 3, Summer

David Garrick, George III, and the Politics of Revision
1 A previously neglected manuscript of David Garrick's 1762 interlude, The Farmer's Return from London, provides fresh insight into the subtle pressures exerted upon theatre practitioners by the raging political climate of the 1760s. The Larpent...
Happy Families: Repentance and Restoration in 'The Tempest' and the Joseph Narrative
The Tempest seems the fable of choice for our post-modern, post-colonial era, with a formidable amount of critical weaponry trained upon it in recent decades. We celebrate its topicality, setting Caliban at center stage as victim of an imperial aggression...
Inspecting the Tragedy of Empire: Shelley's 'Hellas' and Aeschylus' 'Persians.' (Percy Bysshe Shelley)
By the time Shelley began writing Hellas in August of 1821, he had twice already sought to intervene in unresolved political crises by publishing highly learned poems based on Greek literary forms. In the "Ode to Naples," he imitated Pindar's odes, particularly...
Rape, Marriage or Death?: Gender Perspectives in the Homeric 'Hymn to Demeter.'
Much attention has been given recently to the problem of understanding the societies of ancient Greece and Rome from a woman's point of view; the problem is a particularly difficult one because virtually all of the evidence available is the "product...
The Many Masks of Parolles
As a romantic comedy there are a number of very odd twists to All's Well That Ends Well. Its adolescens hero is a reluctant lover, delinquent husband, and a liar. The King of France practically forces the youthful Count of Rossillion to marry a poor,...
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