Philological Quarterly

This journal covers aspects of medieval European and modern literature and culture. The articles published incorporate physical bibliography, the sociology of knowledge, the history of reading, reception studies and other fields of inquiry.

Articles from Vol. 84, No. 4, Fall

All the Crumbling Edifices Must Come Down: Decoding Christopher Smart's Song to David
At the heart of Christopher Smart's Song to David lies a mystery. Seven verses in the middle of the poem each begin, for no obvious reason, with the name of a Greek letter, spelled out in English. Smart's description of these verses is not much help,...
Fighting to Understand: Violence, Form, and Truth-Claims in Lesy, Vonnegut, and Herr
In 1973, Michael Lesy published his first book, a collection of photographs, newspaper accounts, records from an insane asylum, literary excerpts, and other materials that together provide a portrait of the town of Black River Fails, Wisconsin, from...
Gendered Cover-Ups: Live Burial, Social Death, and Coverture in Mary Braddon's Fiction
Over a century before Betty Friedan controversially claimed that gendered discrepancies in personal and social fulfillment were resulting in "the mass burial of American women," Mary Braddon was using this historically resonant metaphor to critique...
Structuring and Revision in 1 Henry VI
In "Shakespeare and Others: The Authorship of Henry the Sixth, Part One," Gary Taylor presents the best reconstruction yet published of the genesis of the play arguably the least read and least performed of all those included by Heminge and Condell...
The Muse Writes Back: Vivien Eliot's Response to High Modernism
T. S. Eliot's reputation as a critic, scholar, editor, and writer was bolstered by his role as the editor of a small literary quarterly called The Criterion. Funded initially by Lady Rothermere and later by Faber and Gwyer, the magazine, after a rocky...
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