Public Welfare

Articles from Vol. 52, No. 3, Summer

Managing JOBS Caseloads: Agencies Are Developing Strategies to Make the Most of Their Staff Resources
A common concern among administrators of human service programs is the appropriate ratio of clients to staff. The number of people with whom a case manager is able to work at any given time can depend on many circumstances, including the characteristics...
Purchase of Service at 20: Are We Using It Well?
A STUDY SHOWS THE NEED FOR VIGILANCE IN A SYSTEM THAT HANDLES MORE THAN A BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. Few changes in funding and service delivery over the past 50 years have had as profound an effect on both the public and private, not-for-profit social-service...
Streamlining Intake and Eligibility Systems: Agencies Find Ways to Simplify the Process for Both Clients and Staff
Gaining access to health and human service programs is seldom easy, and the process is rarely simple--for either the prospective participants seeking help or for the human service staff who are trying to help them. In fact, the process often discourages...
Women on Welfare Talk about Reform; Clients in Focus Groups Discuss Teen Pregnancy, Child Support, and Time Limits
We frequently overlook the views of welfare recipients when considering the effect of welfare on their lives or the lives of their children. When it comes to developing policies and programs, the recipient's voice is even less likely to be heard. Yet...
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