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Articles from Vol. 26, No. 1, Spring

An Integrative Model of Diffusion and Adaptation of Executive Pay Dispersion
Executive pay dispersion has a significant impact on how top management teams (TMTs) function and how their organizations perform. On one hand, pay dispersion may have positive effects since it attracts more qualified applicants and retains competent...
Competitive Action Repertoires and Stock Risk
Research in competitive dynamics has long demonstrated a clear link between competitive action and a variety of measures of firm performance, such as profitability, revenue growth, changes in market share and market share rank, reputation, and stock...
Mergers and Acquisitions: Termination Fees and Acquisition Deal Completion
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are an oft-used vehicle for diversification for many organizations. In the past decade, thousands of M&As have been undertaken annually. In 2011, the global M&A activity totaled $2.1 trillion, with $820.6...
Searching Inside and Out: Organizational Identification Relationships and Information-Sourcing among Managers and Knowledge-Workers
Today's organizations operate in challenging, unpredictable environments that are characterized by ever reducing life-cycles, rapid knowledge obsolescence, and ultra-competitive behavior (D'Aveni, 1991). In such settings, information obtained from...
The Advantages of High-Prestige MBA Degrees and Placement Centers for Compensation Growth of African Americans
In an era of rapidly rising tuition, increasing student-loan debt, and proliferating alternative delivery models, questions are being raised about the value of traditional university education (Khurana, 2010) and the value of the MBA in particular...
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