International Wildlife

Articles from Vol. 28, No. 5, September-October

Chocolate Takes Flight
The way people such as Timoteo Dilbert grow cacao in Costa Rica has a big impact on birds in many North American backyards As the first shafts of morning sun break through the thick forest canopy on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast, farmer Timoteo Dilbert...
Resurrection in the Wind
Nearly wiped out by feather harvesters, the short-tailed albatross is now poised for what may be the bird comeback of all time On a somber day in November, 1987, ornithologist Hiroshi Hasegawa gazed out from Torishima Island into the deep blue waters...
The Ghosts of Way Kambas
Among its elephants and tigers, an extraordinary park in Indonesia harbors the rare Sumatran rhino When Ron Tilson, an expert on Sumatran tigers, came to Indonesia's Way Kambas National Park three years ago, he and his team set up a network of infrared-triggered...
Up from the Sand: In French Guiana, Giant Leatherback Turtles Emerge from the Surf in an Ancient Ritual of Life
Enormous and all aglow, the moon slowly makes its appearance at the oceanside Indian village of Yalimapo in French Guiana. Dividing the shadowy darkness, it spotlights wave crests, leaving the troughs unlit. In this mottled surf, an indistinguishable...
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