Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 4, May

Can Bruce Willis Leave His iTunes Collection to His Children? Inheritability of Digital Media in the Face of EULAs
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. Digital Assets and Death of the Consumer A. What Are Digital Assets? B. Death of the Consumer III. What Do You Own? A. The License Agreements 1. Apple: Music and E-Books 2.
Follow the Microchip Road: The Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal's Journey Continues
On behalf of Volume 29 of the Board of Editors of the Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our readers, contributors, and supporters. This issue marks the closing of an era of almost...
IDS Practice after Therasense and the AIA: Decoupling the Link between Information Disclosure and Inequitable Conduct
TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction II. Inequitable Conduct and the Duty of Disclosure: Recent Developments A. The Law of Inequitable Conduct 1. Inequitable Conduct Doctrine before Therasense 2. Inequitable Conduct Doctrine under...
Simultaneous Internet Publication and the Berne Convention
Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Background A. The Berne Convention 1. Territoriality & National Treatment Under the Berne Convention 2. Absence of Formalities under the Berne Convention B. The United States...
The Collision of the Courts and Predictive Coding: Defining Best Practices and Guidelines in Predictive Coding for Electronic Discovery
TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction I. The Evolution of the Current Search and Review Strategies II. Technology Assisted Review: What it is and Why it Has Not Yet Been Universally Adopted III. Technology Assisted Review's Changing Landscape: Recent Court...
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