Journal of Women and Religion


Vol. 20, Annual

Humpty Dumpty Need Not Fall Again: A Theo-Poetics of Holistic Health
A 21st century version of the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty" might go like this: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall All the Queen's technology and all the Queen's entourage Couldn't put Humpty together again (1)...
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Miracles and Cures and Healing Wells
My friend Jane lived in Findlay, Ohio one summer, and she saw Jesus in the rust of a grain bin. He looked about like you would expect, she told us. Jane isn't really religious, but she lived near the farm and hundreds of people were coming from all...
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"Redeeming the Body" in Late Western Capitalism: Pondering Salvation and Artificial Intelligence
In a climate of heightened techno-fetishism in post-9/11 America, "silver-bullet-ism" poses as the salvific solution that claims to provide a safety that has become more elusive than ever. While churches seemed the fitting place for many to mourn and...
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Genetics, Disability, and Ethics: Could Applied Technologies Lead to a New Eugenics?
Recent breakthroughs in the study of genetics and genetic technologies raise the hopes and expectations of many that soon humans will be better able to manage, cure, and eliminate diseases of all kinds. Media reports on new genetic developments and...
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"I Am the Darker Sister:" Responses from Women of Color
Introduction For many peoples all over the world, birth has never been viewed as a purely physical act. In many cultures, ancient and modern, birth is a spiritual issue, and represents a contract made between God and the soul. Birth is the way that...
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Vol. 19, Annual

Dear Readers
In 1981, the Center for Women and Religion (CWR), a program unit of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU), published the first volume of the Journal for Women and Religion. With the publication of this journal, the combined Volumes 19 and 20, Ecofeminism...
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Greening by Place: Sustaining Cultures, Ecologies, Communities
There is an anomalous specificity to all our experience in space, a scandal of particularity, by which God burgeons up or showers down into the shabbiest of occasion ... This is all we are and all we ever were; God kam nicht anders [knows nothing else].......
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"On Your New Moons": The Feminist Transformation of the Jewish New Moon Festival (1)
Introduction Over the last 30 years the Jewish new moon festival known as Rosh Hodesh, (2) the observance marking the beginning of the new month of the Jewish luni-solar calendar, has been reappropriated by Jewish women who have transformed it into...
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Essentialism, Universalism, and Violence: Unpacking the Ideology of Patriarchy
The current "State of The World" is one in which there is great loss in biodiversity due to species extinction, ecological degradation, gross socioeconomic inequity, and social injustices. In understanding how humanity (especially the Euro-Western,...
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Ecologically Queer: Preliminaries for a Queer Ecofeminist Identity Theory
My interest in writing this text is guided by the hope that, as queer theory continues to interrogate the institutions by and through which the many forms of social oppression continue, we can find ways to oppose what appears to be our ever increasing...
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Green Studies, Religion, and Environmental Practice
The current issue of the CWR journal, "Eco-feminism and Beyond," provides us with the opportunity to reflect upon the legacy and influence of eco-feminism as it relates to education in general, social issues, and environmental issues. This article...
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