Child Welfare

Child Welfare is a professional trade journal published bimonthly by the Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Arlington, Va. Founded in 1921, the journal provides policy, practice, and program information to professionals who work in the child welfare industry.

Articles from Vol. 73, No. 6, November

A Longitudinal Study of Special-Needs Adoptive Families
Over the past 25 years, changes in society at large--increased acceptance of single-parent families, greater availability of contraception, the legalization of abortion--and changes in child welfare practice--increased abuse and neglect reporting and...
A Strengths Approach to Ethnically Sensitive Practice for Child Protective Service Workers
Editor's Note: This article supplements and extends an article by these authors published in the July-August 1992 issue of CHILD WELFARE. It suggests thar a strengths approach, with guiding principles of family preservation, be used to empower child...
Collaboration of a Public Child Welfare Agency and a School of Social Work: A Clinical Group Supervision Project
The plight of public child welfare services in recent years has received growing attention in the literature. On the demand side, the cumulative effects of federal social policy shifts in the 1980s led to a greater number of families in poverty [Fuchs...
The County Child Abuse Protocol System in Georgia: An Interagency Cooperation Approach to a Complex Issue
Students of public administration learn early on that agencies often have difficulty working together to produce mutually beneficial outcomes. Frequently mentioned reasons range from concern over turf to the existence of organizational structures that...
Understanding the Parents Who Are Mentally Retarded: Guidelines for Family Preservation Programs
When service agencies for the mentally retarded discussed parent support programs, it was generally understood that these programs would support parents whose children were mentally retarded. Recently, however, many agencies that provide services to...
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