Child Welfare

Child Welfare is a professional trade journal published bimonthly by the Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Arlington, Va. Founded in 1921, the journal provides policy, practice, and program information to professionals who work in the child welfare industry.

Articles from Vol. 83, No. 4, July/August

Comparing the Health Status of Low-Income Children in and out of Foster Care
Children in foster care face poverty, family dysfunction, neglect, and abuse, with high rates of chronic health, emotional, and developmental problems. This study compared the overall health status of a group of children entering foster care with a group...
Like Musical Chairs? Become a Child Welfare Worker
Remember the childhood game "Musical Chairs?" The options diminish every round, the number of losers increases every turn, and yet the music plays on. At a childhood party, the stakes for losing may be low, but for children and families in the child...
Ready or Not: Uses of the Stages of Change Model in Child Welfare
This article reviews the popular stages of change model, its potential applications in child welfare, and relevant research. Empirical evidence indicates that behavioral change does not occur in a series of stages. The article considers the validity...
Using Tribal/State Title IV-E Agreements to Help American Indian Tribes Access Foster Care and Adoption Funding
Funding under Title IV-E has historically not been available to American Indian communities, therefore, tribes have had to develop agreements with states to access these funds for child care services. This study analyzes Title IV-E intergovernmental...
When a Child Welfare Client Dies: An Agency-Centered Perspective
When working with vulnerable children and their families, the specter of client death for child welfare workers and agencies is recognized as a rare but unsparingly real event. This article uses an agency-centered perspective to explore the multilayered...
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