Child Welfare

Child Welfare is a professional trade journal published bimonthly by the Child Welfare League of America, Inc., Arlington, Va. Founded in 1921, the journal provides policy, practice, and program information to professionals who work in the child welfare industry.

Articles from Vol. 78, No. 4, July/August

Community Involvement through Child Protection Mediation
Mediation has been used in child protection cases to help resolve conflicts involving child protection workers, parents, and other family members. This article explores whether mediation can foster greater community involvement with families that have...
School-Based Peer Sexual Harassment
Peer sexual harassment in schools is an often overlooked problem that contributes to a hostile school environment: one major study found that 85% of girls and 76% of boys reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment in school. This article describes...
Severe vs. Nonserve Firesetters Revisited
The study reported here compares a group of 75 severe firesetters with a group of 105 nonfiresetters and minor firesetters along 32 variables that have been positively correlated with juvenile firesetting behavior. A chisquare analysis of the data revealed...
Solution-Focused Interviewing with Child Protective Services Clients
This article provides a rationale for using a solutionfocused approach to child welfare practice. The common value base of both social and solution-focused practice is explored, and processes for implementing the latter approach in child welfare interviewing,...
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