Journal of Singing


Vol. 76, No. 4, March/April

Recent Research in Singing
THE FOLLOWING LIST OF RECENT RESEARCH in Singing IS a brief sampling of dissertations/theses published during the last year. It is by no means comprehensive and reflects only a small fraction of the available documents.If you have published recent research...
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Collected Songs
Rangström, Ture (1884-1947). Collected Songs. Anders Annerholm, editor. Gehrmans Musikforlag, Stockholm, 2019. Selections from the following song cycles: Den mörka blommar, Drei Gedichte, Erotikon, Fem ballader, Fem diktér av Bo Bergman, Idyll, Lyrik,...
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Nasality Deconstructed
"If a sound comes through the nose, and there is no voice teacher to hear it, is it nasal?"If you are like me and spend any time at all on the varying singing or voice teaching forums on social media, you likely have come across at least one thread mentioning...
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Neuroscience for Singers, Part 2: Anatomy, Physiology, and Motor Control of Breathing
While the primary responsibility of the respiratory system is for sustaining/maintaining life, species have adapted this system to meet the demands of speaking and singing. The respiratory system is the power source for voicing. Control of the respiratory...
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Brushing Up on the Equivalence of German ß and Ss: Ja? Nein? Jein
As we approach the 25TH anniversary of the 1996 German Orthography Reform (a.k.a. the Rechtschreibreform), it seems fitting to cover one of the more widely lingering misconceptions/opacities that I come across as performer, teacher, and coach, namely,...
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Vol. 76, No. 3, January/February

Pilar Lorengar: Voice & Mystery
Pilar Lorengar: Voice & Mystery. Arturo Méndiz, director. (ArtHaus Musik 109331; 54:00)One might be forgiven for regarding a documentary film about Pilar Lorengar (1928-1996) with a mix of surprise and skepticism. After all, the Spanish soprano never...
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Inspired Synesthesia in Song: Celius Dougherty and E. E. Cummings
INTRODUCTIONCelius Dougherty (1902-1986) was a pianist and composer, having achieved degrees in both music specialties from the University of Minnesota and The Juilliard School of Music, respectively. Although he also composed for strings and piano,...
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Singing as Sculpture
How can you sing? How can you not?Elie WieselHOLOCAUST SURVIVOR, NOBEL LAUREATE AUTHOR, TEACHER, and indefatigable activist/apologist for witness to and remembrance of atrocities to humanity, Elie Wiesel (1928-2016) has long been a formidable presence...
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