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April 1, 2012

LIVE! in Total Confusion!; Health Care; Why Television Will Never Get Inside the Supreme Court; OTHER VIEWS
From time to time, someone will complain that the United States Supreme Court should allow its proceedings to be televised. Based on what I saw on Wednesday, this is not a good idea.Live! From the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., it's...
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April 6, 2012

Recounts Possible in 7 St. Louis County Races [Corrected 10/19/15]
CLAYTON - Seven races in St. Louis County had margins slim enough in Tuesday's election to qualify for potential recounts.Elections director Rita Heard Days said Thursday that the county would conduct the recounts if ordered to do so by the circuit court; the...
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April 28, 2012

Your Views; Letters from Our Readers
Jefferson County ports would have positive impact on community I'm not sure what to make of the editorial "Port and a storm" (April 20). As reported many times in the Post-Dispatch, the Doe Run Co. will close its lead-processing facility in Herculaneum...
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April 29, 2012

Ink Inspirations; Tattoos' Mainstream Appeal Is Spurred on by Reality TV, Easy-to-Find Parlors
Friday night date. Me in polyester hot pants and my first true love sporting sideburns that fluttered in the breeze through the open windows of his black '67 Mustang. Creedence Clearwater Revival belted out "Bad Moon Rising" from the car's 8-track tape...
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Gardening Q&A with Chip Tynan; Strategies on a Container Hosta in Soil That's Settled
Q -I have hostas growing in large containers. The soil has settled in the pots and is about 4 inches from the top of the rim. Should I leave them this way or add soil? If I add soil, should I add a little at a time or all at one time? As I'm sure you've...
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Quirkout! Crazy Things Women Do to Stay Sane; for Celebs, It's Called Eccentricity
When the neighbor wears her husband's old T-shirt and boxers to pick up the morning newspaper, you avert your eyes out of embarrassment. But when paparazzi catch Jennifer Garner wearing Ben Affleck's briefs in the yard, People turns it into a two-page...
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Made in St. Louis: Mary Lou Moeller and Hannah Burchett; Teddy Bears Spring to Life from Old Mink Coats
- Tell us about your business. Mary Lou: I started my business about 15 years ago, and Hannah joined me five years ago. We make teddy bears from fabric and from genuine mink coats.- What type of educational experience do you have in teddy bear designs?...
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Artistic Arkansas; Sprawling Museum in Bentonville, Built with Wal- Mart Fortune, Has Emerged as a Must-See Destination for Art Lovers
BENTONVILLE, Ark. - The greeters are a dead giveaway - the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art was built by Wal-Mart money. Friendly and helpful, the greeters who welcome visitors to America's most important new museum are quick to answer questions,...
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Style Matters; Say Goodbye to 'Sunblock' and Healthy Tans
Sun exposure is a year-round concern, no matter what your age, ethnicity, perceived sun exposure or outdoor climate.And we all know that there is no such thing as a healthy tan.We also need to understand that there's no such thing as too young to worry...
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At Home: Alexis Coss and Erik Karanik; Couple Decorate Stately Home in the Central West End to Entertain, Inspire
Alexis Coss and Erik Karanik love their historic Central West End neighborhood, and they have fallen in love with St. Louis - a city they moved to only four years ago. Both came here, along with a large group of co-workers, from Richmond, Va., in 2008...
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Home Q&A; Repellents Can Stave off a Heavy Bug Season
Q - I heard bugs could be really bad this year. My family and I enjoy being outside, but I don't like putting bug spray on my kids. What can I do?Chances are that this year's "bug season" will be a little heavier than normal. Weather has a lot to do...
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