Journal of Medical Psychology


Vol. 1, No. 1, January

Alzheimer's Disease: New Perspectives on Integration of Multidisciplinary and Multidimensional Approaches
BACKGROUND Aging is one of the most significant social phenomena of the twenty-first century. A recent demographic projection estimates that approximately 20% of the United States population, or 72 million people, will be aged 65 years or older...
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Prolonged Dependence on Cervical Collar and on Lumbar Support Belt in Two Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior and Hysterical Personality
INTRODUCTION Trauma represents a triggering event for a variety of posttraumatic psychiatric disorders. Early post-traumatic period is critical for the development of short or long-term complications and research on risk factors has been about age,...
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Even Mild Depression Reduces Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL) among Healthy Elderly
INTRODUCTION Demographic transition is occurring very rapidly throughout the world resulting in an increasing absolute number as well as relative amount of elderly people in developing and developed countries. (1) Inevitably, increasing age is associated...
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Psychoanalytical Theory of Affects and Its Applicability on the Affect Regulation and Affect Experience Q-Sort Test (AREQ)
INTRODUCTION Dealing with affects influences physical and mental health and is also part of diagnostic categories. Health behaviour and the handling of illness are conditional upon emotional functioning. Therefore, emotions have prognostic importance...
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Culture Specific Stress Coping Strategies Used to Alleviate Occupational Stress among Greek Nursing Personnel
INTRODUCTION It is widely known that nursing profession is linked to increased occupational stress in many countries including Greece. (1-5) Work related satisfaction is generally reduced when occupational stress is high and this may interfere with...
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