Information Technology and Disabilities

Information Technology and Disabilities is a journal covering issues related to the development of new technologies by computer users with disabilities. Founded in 1994, Information Technology and Disabilities is published quarterly by Equal Access to Software and Information. Steve Noble and Tom McNulty are the Editors.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, April

Development of a Talking Tactile Tablet
Researchers have long understood the value of tactile presentation of pictures, maps and diagrams for readers who are blind or otherwise visually impaired (Edman, 1992). However, some practicalities have always limited the usefulness and appeal of...
Online Distance Education-"Anytime, Anywhere" but Not for Everyone
INTRODUCTION With the tremendous growth of online distance education programs, it is easily forgotten that the concept of learning "anytime anywhere" is not a new one. Distance learning, in form of correspondence or home study, reaches back over...
Provision of Services for Students with Visual Impairments: A Case Study
INTRODUCTION Several pieces of legislation provide mandates for colleges, universities and other institutions to provide equal access to their programs and facilities. This project's original objective was to attempt to find an efficient way to...
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