Developments in Mental Health Law

Articles from Vol. 4, No. 1-2, January-June

A Psychotherapist's Criminal Liability for Failing to Inform on Patients
Beyond Tarasoff Liability The Tarasoff doctrine imposes a common law tort duty on a psychotherapist to warn identifiable third parties of a foreseeable risk of injury at the patient's hands. Derived from the California Supreme Court's 1976 decision,...
Civil Commitment in Virginia: 1984 Legislative Action
The 1984 Session of the General Assembly considered substantial revisions to Virginia's civil commitment process in the form of House Bill No. 4. The major provisions of that bill, as it was introduced, have been discussed in a previous issue of this...
Juvenile Preventive Detention Law Upheld
The United States Supreme Court recently upheld a New York statute which authorizes Family Court judges to order into detention juveniles accused of crimes where there is a "serious risk" that the youth may commit another crime before the adjudicatory...
Medical Improvement Standard
Medical Improvement Standard refers to the decision-making standard to be applied in reviewing the disability status of persons who are currently receiving disability benefits. Since the Administration began its continuing disability investigation...
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