Teach magazine is an educational publication featuring reproducible teaching units. Since it was founded in 1993, it is published five times a year. Teach is published by Teach Magazine.Subjects for Teach include: Education.

Articles from March/April

CyberArts Program Offers Students a Real World Application of Art Education and Technology [Don Mills Collegiate, Toronto]
Eero Waterman, Rebecca Rose, Una Janicijevic, all students in Grade 11 at Don Mills Collegiate are enthusiastic about the work they and their class have undertaken. Unusual? Perhaps not. Students talking about their work, proud to show a visitor their...
Drowning in a Sea of Knowledge
The future of the Internet is going to have a profound effect on the future of teaching. Today, less than 10%, of teachers are comfortable using what the Internet has to offer. This is important for two reasons. First, because it means that the key players...
Entrepreneurial Program Helps Girls Overcome Their Fear of Technology [GirlsAreIT]
Listening in on the first group of girls of the new GirlsAreIT! program, you'll hear some pretty powerful comments. "I thought this was going to be the ultimate pajama party, but I've learned more about computers in one day, than in my whole life! "and...
Secure the Net: Putting the Brakes On?
How do you give students the world while protecting them from depravity? As educators across Canada inject a bolt of excitement into lessons and projects enlivened by viewing, sharing and publishing thoughts and resources on the Internet, they battle...
Top Educational Sites on the Net
SchoolNet (www.schoolnet.ca) is an unwieldy, monolithic site which in many ways is representative of the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet itself. Inherent to the site is an optimistic view of the role information technology can play to enhance...
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