Teach magazine is an educational publication featuring reproducible teaching units. Since it was founded in 1993, it is published five times a year. Teach is published by Teach Magazine.Subjects for Teach include: Education.

Articles from September/October

Beauty Is Media Deep: How Advertisers Influence Body Image [WE Gowling Public School, Ottawa] [Vibrant "Faces" (Fun, Active, Confident, Energetic Self-Images)]
[Graph Not Transcribed]"There is just no escaping media intrusions into our lives," says Dr. Marie Hoskins, associate professor at the University of Victoria's School of Child and Youth Care. Whether you flip through a magazine or turn your gaze toward...
Food Fight: With Childhood Obesity on the Rise in Canada, What Can Schools Do to Ensure Students Eat Right? [Healthy School Lunch Program] [Eat Smart! School Cafeteria Program] [Healthy Foods at School] [Brown Bag Olympics]
[Graph Not Transcribed]Mystery meat. Greasy fries drenched in gravy. Day-old doughnuts, Jell-o molds, Coca cola and chocolate bars. Sound like a nutritious lunch to you? Probably not, but it is the type of fare served to students in schools across the...
Notable Sites for Teachers [Http://yucky.Kids.Discovery.Com/body ] [Www.Tobaccofacts.Org ] [Www.Sass.Ca ]
By Marjan GlavacThe Yuckiest Site on the Internethttp://yucky.kids.discovery.com/body[Graph Not Transcribed]Dandruff, gas, sweat, zits, earwax, digestion, circulation and more - this site allows kids to ask questions, play games and find out all about...
Our Toxic Society [Society Behaves in a Predatory Fashion towards Children]
[Graph Not Transcribed]Only perverted parents would feed their children food they knew was poisoned. Yet, many parents poison their children physically, emotionally and spiritually through inaction and indifference, unaware they are doing so. But, we...
The Smoke-Free Project: A Smoking Prevention/media Literacy Resource Targeted to Youth Aged 12-15 (Grades 7-10)
[Graph Not Transcribed]The following lessons and activities have been prepared for youth in Grades 7-10. These activities are student-centred and designed to help young people understand the risks associated with smoking, how smoking is portrayed in...
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