Teach magazine is an educational publication featuring reproducible teaching units. Since it was founded in 1993, it is published five times a year. Teach is published by Teach Magazine.Subjects for Teach include: Education.

Articles from November/December

Creative Fundraising
Schools have been holding bake sales, dance-a-thons, reada-thons, and bottle drives forever. They are reliable ways to raise funds for much-loved causes, but these fundraising ideas are also boring and a bit tired. However, there are other great projects...
CURRICULA: Lesson 3: Citizenship and Canada's North
GRADE LEVELS: 9-12Key Concepts and Issues:Students will explore the concept of citizenship and how it connects to issues surrounding Canada's North.Subject:Citizenship and Canada's NorthCurriculum LinksSocial Studies, World HistoryWorld GeographyDuration:3...
Educating to Fail
Our education is failing today's children in a big way. Yet, it's not only our education system; it's also our governments, our economy, and our national economic policy. These failings have potentially dire consequences, both for our children and for...
Gazing Down from Cloud Number Nine
Clouds in the classroom will not create a murky learning environment. Rather, these "clouds" or, cloud applications, are being hailed as the next big thing in technology. Major corporations like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.com have begun the race to...
Much of our identity, as individuals or as a nation, is shaped by the events of yesterday and the goals for tomorrow. Our journey through life is forever a delicate balancing act of the past, present, and future. This is also true of this issue of TEACH.As...
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