Vol. 40, May

Medium of Disappearance: An Essay about Self-Portraiture and Absence in 21 Letters
Dear 1Enclosed is a series of self-portraits.I wrote most of them.1Francesca Woodman was born in Colorado and took her first self-portrait(that we know of) at age 13.She went on to takeover 800-almost all of them stubbornly unconventional5x5", black...
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Writing at, Writing to, the Lover, the Other and the Possibility of Conversation
In order to think about/think with this possibility or impossibility, in this essay I turn to two texts-Roland Barthes's A Lover's Discourse and Ingaborg Bachmann's Malina, as enacting widely differing approaches to the problem 'of interpretation, of...
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Encounters with Trolls: Ginger Gorman’s Troll Hunting
Encounters with trolls: Ginger Gorman’s Troll HuntingReview of Troll Hunting by Ginger Gorman, Hardie Grant, 2019.Cyberhate has become a significant problem for governments, law enforcement and policing, Internet site owners and social media platforms...
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Vol. 39, November

Adela Pankhurst, Peace Negotiator: World War 1, Queensland
IntroductionAccounts of the Australian women's suffrage movement usually conclude with the successful achievement of the state vote for white women. The responses of the suffrage women leaders to World War 1 is hence under-researched and more often developed...
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When Does Violence against Women Matter? Gender, Race and Class in Australian Media Representations of Sexual Violence and Homicide
IntroductionThis paper presents a critical discourse analysis of sexual violence and homicide in Australian news and information media. Drawing on intersectional feminist theory and using methods of corpus linguistics, we explore the language used to...
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The Cyborg Re-Manifested: Black Mirror, Cyberfeminism, and Genre Hybridity
The Cyborg Re-Manifested: Black Mirror, Cyberfeminism, and Genre HybridityCharlie Brooker's science fiction television series Black Mirror has engendered intense audience responses, from discomfort to abjection, since the popular series first aired in...
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Bush Women: Fresh Art from Remote WA
Bush Women: Fresh Art from Remote WA, edited by Darren Jorgensen, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2018.Fremantle Art Centre's 1994 exhibition Bush Women: Fresh Art from Remote WA was the first to combine artworks created by female artists from the freshwater...
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Vol. 38, May

From Polite Society to the Pilbara: The Ingénue Abroad in Evelina and the Girl in Steel-Capped Boots
IntroductionBy reading one novel in light of another, this paper seeks to investigate the extent to which generic conventions, themes and concerns relating to gender persist despite differences in temporal and geographic contexts, and what their persistence...
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Commemorating a Rape: Mary’s Place 1997 and 2010
In January 1996, a young woman named Mary was verbally abused and physically and sexually assaulted in a laneway in Surry Hills, an inner suburb of Sydney. She was attacked after attending a female-only lesbian night at Kinsella's nightclub in Taylor...
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“What Gay, Vain, Pratting Thing Is This”: Discourses of Femininity in Thomas Shadwell’s Adaptation of Timon of Athens
Introduction"Women are of two sorts," claimed Bishop Aylmer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, some were "wiser, better learned, discreeter, and more constant than a number of men" and the other "worse sort of them" were:Fond, foolish, wanton, flibbergibs,...
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Introduction: Gender and the Everyday: Contemporary Communication Culture, and Media
Communication, culture and media are embedded in our everyday lives in ways we are often unaware of. Whether we wake up and reach for our phone or think carefully about how to phrase a difficult sentence in an email, these multiple forms of communication,...
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Tropfest, Masculinity and the Gendered Everyday
IntroductionIn February 2017, a Facebook video featuring a story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television show The Drum about a new judging policy for Tropfest, "the world's largest short film festival", started doing the rounds. In...
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Miley Cyrus as the Posthuman: Media Sexualisation and the Intersections of Capitalism
IntroductionAt the 2013 MTV Music Awards, former Disney child star and singer Miley Cyrus, shocked the world with a bizarre and highly sexualised performance that quickly went viral on the Internet. The then 20-year-old emerged from a giant teddy bear...
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Vol. 37, November

The Unpalatable-Palatable: Celebrity Feminism in the Australian Mainstream Media
IntroductionIn Australia, interaction between feminism and the media is not a new phenomenon; however, we are now witnessing a proliferation of feminist commentary. This escalation of voices speaking about feminism and feminist issues is occurring, in...
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Review Article: In Search of Activism, Feminism, and Life in the Neoliberal University
Review Article: In Search of Activism, Feminism, and Life in the Neoliberal UniversityReview of:Bowles, Kate, Agnes Bosanquet & Karina Luzia, Eds. 2017 Activism and the Academy. Special Issue of Australian Universities' Review 59.2.Pereira, Maria...
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The Actress and Beauvoir: Shining a Spotlight on Regina in All Men Are Mortal
IntroductionSimone de Beauvoir's novel All Men Are Mortal (1995/1946) is one of her more neglected works. Although "belatedly assessed as successful," the novel was "[o]riginally dismissed as an inferior piece of literature" (Bergoffen 2009, 116). However,...
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Vol. 36, May

Introduction: ‘De-Storying the Joint’
'Perhaps the best way to destroy the joint, then, is actually to destory it, by changing the tired old tale, one woman at a time.' (Moss 2013, 61)This special edition of Outskirts journal draws together selected papers from the 2016 Australian Women's...
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Commentary: Speaking Up for Women in the Neoliberal University
(A speech delivered to Victoria University's Feminist Research Network, 22 May 2017)When I went to university in the second half of the 1970s we still had to argue about whether men were smarter than women, fight to write our essays on women's experience,...
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Feminism, Celebrity and Lifestyle in the Australian Digital News Site Mamamia
IntroductionAt present, feminism as an activist movement and popular identity is enjoying a renewed visibility in a number of Western countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom and North America. This resurgent interest in feminism finds expression...
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Reading (Not-)Eating in the Works of Emily and Charlotte Brontë
This paper offers a contemporary feminist reading of the cluster of themes surrounding consumption and food in Jane Eyre (1847) and Villette (1853) by Charlotte Brontë, and Wuthering Heights (1847) by Emily Brontë. To begin, I outline some key aspects...
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The Unruly Woman as Straight Man: The Function of Female Film Characters in Gay Best Friendship
Portrayals of gay best friendship-here defined as the heterosocial relationship, often erotic but usually non-physical, that develops between a heterosexual, cis-gender woman and a homosexual or queer-identifying man-became an undeniable trend in mainstream...
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Let’s Talk It Over: Colloquial Language and Women’s Print Media Cultures in Australia, 1950–1966
In May 1954, just months after the Royal Tour of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Zara Holt unwittingly began a controversy in the pages of the Argus. In a report of her comments to a meeting of the Australian Women's National League, Holt was quoted...
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In Conversation with a Living Treasure: Women, Political Economy and the Contributions of Professor Marilyn Waring
IntroductionThis is a story of an Antipodean farmer who debunked one of our most integral myths about the location of the engine room of the economy. In the Brechtian sense, it is a story with a political message. It is a lehrstück; a radical piece intended...
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What’s the Matter with Representation? Feminism, Materialism, and Online Spaces
IntroductionThis paper takes as its starting point my reading of the work of the Australian media commentator Helen Razer, particularly her approach to feminism. By reflecting on what I see as the limitations of her approach, I consider the problem of...
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Vol. 35, November

Pushing the Boundaries: Weeds, Motherhood, Neoliberalism and Postfeminism
IntroductionWeeds (2005-2012) is a subversive television comedy-drama concerning the challenges facing a white, young, middle-class suburban widow, Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker. Weeds was commercially successful. The first season premiered...
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Ink in Her Veins the Troubled Life of Aileen Palmer
Ink in Her Veins the Troubled Life of Aileen Palmer, by Sylvia Martin, UWA Publishing, 2016, $29.99 ISBN: 9781742588254Let's state the obvious. Ink in Her Veins, the Troubled Life of Aileen Palmer, poet, translator, activist, and mad woman and psychiatric...
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"This Is Mud on Our Faces! We're Not Really Black!" Teaching Gender, Race, and Age through Humour in the Golden Girls
All teachers could use more studies about sharing the power of humor as a force in the classroom that enhances learning and helps to create and sustain bonds of community. Working together in the classroom, teachers and students find equanimity when...
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Vol. 34, May

A Case Study of Feminist Activist Interventions in Queensland Party Politics: #Sackgavin
IntroductionThis paper uses the case study of a Twitter hashtag label #sackgavin to offer a self-reflexive analysis of an Australian feminist activist campaign. More broadly, it provides a critical interrogation of online feminist political interventions...
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No Pity Fucks Please: A Critique of Scarlet Road's Campaign to Improve Disabled People's Access to Paid Sex Services
In 1981, Evan Kemp, a vanguard for the nascent disability rights movement, published an article in the New York Times criticising charity telethons. Controversial then and perhaps even now, "Aiding the Disabled, No Pity Please" exposed the social fear...
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Vol. 33, November

Maternal Practice and Maternal Presence in Jane Harrison's Stolen
IntroductionAboriginal drama articulates a world vision differing significantly from that of the European literary canon. First and foremost, both Canadian and Australian aboriginal playwrights wish to offer a new perspective on their forgotten history,...
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Vol. 32, May

Ways of Coming to Knowing through Embodied Methodologies
This paper emerges from my doctoral research: Feeling the fleshed body: The aftermath of childhood rape. The most crucial understanding to emerge from my research is that sexual trauma begins, in the first instance, not at a psychological level, as much...
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'Can We Meet? Talk? Love? Create Something Together?' - Conversations in Diva Research
Passing back and forth across multiple thresholds (conceptual, perceptual, emotional, somatic), a woman is falling through a thousand openings. Spaces enfold-unfold within her waiting. Muted, she is holding the weight of all sadnesses. Dissolving and...
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A Conversation with the Enemy
What wonder then, if, in the human body, a system so curious, so subtile and compounded, we should meet with many appearances which we cannot at all account for? The farther we push our inquiries into nature, the more shall we be convinced of our ignorance...
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Vol. 31, November

'Tell It Slant-': Women's Studies in Western Australia
This article asks how feminists can write histories of academic feminism, given recent interrogations that identify the overwhelming desire to settle back into already established stories and trajectories. Taking up Clare Hemmings' suggestion that we...
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Writing Lost Lives in Light: Anne Ferran's Portrayals of Female Convicts
There are many sites in Australia where the past has been suppressed, especially when it comes to sites associated with the lives of women who did not fit the foundational vision of mateship promoted in Australia. One such place, which forms the focus...
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Bury Me Deep Down Below: Masculine Sentimentality on the Turn-of-the-Century Australian Frontier
Introduction'Unfortunately there has always been a sentimental section of people who can indulge in the rhetoric of the rodomontade, but this class never allies itself ... to the practical party of action'. So wrote a South Australian journalist in 1891...
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'Bending and Morphing': The Department of Women's Studies at the University of Adelaide Continues Past Its Twenty Year Anniversary
IntroductionOn August 14, 2012, the University of Adelaide celebrated 20 years of Women's/Gender Studies on campus. This auspicious anniversary prompted pause for reflection on the considerable successes, but also ongoing challenges, of feminist teaching...
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