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Articles from Vol. 52, No. 10, March

Background to the Parliamentary Elections in Iran
The elections for the Sixth Parliament (Majlis) in Iran in February 2000 were not only a shock for the ruling clergy, but also an eye-opening event for the U.S. mass media and its believers who have for years portrayed the Iranian people as a horde...
Clerical Oligarchy and the Question of "Democracy" in Iran
For more than twenty years the Islamic regime in Iran, along with its extensive repressive apparatuses, has created an impressive array of ideological and economic mechanisms of control to construct an Islamified civil society and build consensus for...
Global Media, Neoliberalism, and Imperialism
In conventional parlance, the current era in history is generally characterized as one of globalization, technological revolution, and democratization. In all three of these areas media and communication play a central, perhaps even a defining, role....
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