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Articles from Vol. 54, No. 9, February

Europe: On the Rise to Hegemony or Caught in Crisis?
Today, as during the years shortly after the Second World War, it is commonly assumed that the global economic and political hegemony of the United States is destined to last forever. But history doesn't stand still. As other capitalist powers recouped...
Land and Identity in Mexico: Peasants Stop an Airport
In a three-week period in the summer of 2002, national and international attention was drawn to a fast and furious clash between forces unleashed by the globalized world economy and peasants in a small village within the larger Mexico City urban area....
Lula Won! (Correspondence)
Many friends have written to me since the victory of "Lula" da Silva, elected as Brazil's president. I thank you all. We need your good wishes, and especially we need your continuing vital opposition to the U.S. government's aggression. As many...
Notes from the Editors
On December 19, 2002 U.S. Secretary of State Calm Powell declared that the 12,000 page document that Iraq delivered to the United Nations on December 7, listing its secret weapons programs together with any dual use agents that could be used in proscribed...
The People of Vieques, Puerto Rico vs. the United States Navy. (Review of the Month)
David Brandishes a Slingshot On April 19, 1999, two F-18 jets mistook the navy's red-and-white checked observation post on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico for a target, and dropped 500 pound bombs on it. Vieques resident David Sanes was working...
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