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Articles from Vol. 55, No. 1, May

Behind the War on Iraq: Research Unit for Political Economy
Three themes stand out in Iraq's history over the last century, in the light of the present U.S. plans to invade and occupy that country. First, the attempt by imperialist powers to dominate Iraq in order to grab its vast oil wealth. in this regard...
'I Am in the Midst of a Genocide': E-Mails from Haza
Two of us, John Foster and Bob McChesney, are graduates of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. We join our friends at Evergreen and in the Olympia community--together with peace activists around the world--in mourning the death of Rachel...
Imperial Ambition
NOAM CHOMSKY INTERVIEWED BY DAVID BARSAMIAN David Barsamian: What are the regional implications of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq? Noam Chomsky: I think not only the region but the world in general perceives it correctly as a kind of...
Imperial America and War. (Review of the Month)
On November 11, 2000, Richard Haass--a member of the National Security Council and special assistant to the president under the elder Bush, soon to be appointed director of policy planning in the State Department of newly elected President George W....
Notes from the Editors
John Foster and Bob McChesney write: On May 3 MR will be hosting its "Imperialism Today" conference in Burlington, Vermont in honor of Hany Magdoff's ninetieth birthday. Harry officially became an editor of Monthly Review thirty-four years ago this...
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