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Articles from Vol. 53, No. 10, March

Africa: Living on the Fringe
Let us consider first some facts which are hardly mentioned by the incense-bearers of globalization. In 1990, the ratio of extra-regional trade to GDP for Africa was 45.6 percent while it was only 12.8 percent for Europe; 13.2 percent for North America;...
Technology and the Commodification of Higher Education
The following article is adapted from David Noble new book, Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education, just published by Monthly Review Press. Noble, a professor at York University, should need no introduction to MR readers. For the...
The Cowboy Western and the Utopian Impulse
Nowhere in our culture has our instinct for freedom, or the utopian impulse, been expressed more consistently than in our fascination with the cowboy Western. Who was the cowboy and how did he enter our consciousness? In the three decades after the...
Understanding the Other Sister: The Case of Arab Feminism
One evening, shortly after September 11, I was conducting a college English class when one of my students asked a question about the accumulating body of information on women and Islam. It was one of many questions about the Middle East asked of me...
U.S. Military Bases and Empire. (Review of the Month)
THE EDITORS The Bases of Empire Empires throughout human history have relied on foreign military bases to enforce their rule, and in this respect at least, Pax Americana is no different than Pax Romana or Pax Britannica. "The principal method...
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