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Articles from Vol. 50, No. 5, October

Blacks, Whites, and Reds
Roger Horowitz, "Negro and White, Unite and Fight": A Social History of Industrial Unionism in Meatpacking, 1930-1990 (Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 1997), $17.95, 373 pp.; Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Blacks and Reds: Race and Class in Conflict,...
Capitalist Change and Generational Shifts
Change and Continuity Ask anyone what single event has most decisively shaped the culture of the left in the late 20th century, and they are almost certain to tell you that it was the "collapse of Communism." Yet look at any of the dominant intellectual...
Multilateral Agreement on Investment
As we know, Marx did not develop an analysis of economic imperialism as it emerged after 1885, but he identified tendencies within nineteen-century capital, which we recognize today as causes. We think of capital concentration and centralization, the...
The Cold War World According to 'My Weekly Reader.' (Current Events Newspaper for Public Schools)
Ron Kovic never doubted the cold war truths that he absorbed during his childhood in Levittown, New York during the 1950s and early 1960s. Ron Kovic learned to hate the communists back then, convinced as he was that they were plotting to subvert his...
"The State in a Changing World": Social-Democratizing Global Capitalism?
There are two central developments that define our era. One of these is the historic failure of the socialist project of the mass working-class parties, both Communist and Social Democratic. The other is, of course, what has commonly come to be known...
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